Esendex harnesses the power of dialect

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Esendex today announced the launch of the World’s first Regional Accent Translator for SMS. Activated by geographical markers, the R.A.T. automatically translates the text of a plain English text message into one of 30 British dialects.
Regional Accent Translator
From Cornish to Cockney, Brummie to Bristolian, the new product works on any SMS enabled mobile device, and enables businesses to revolutionise the customer’s experience of interacting with their brand.

“By using a more familiar dialect, brands can build trust faster, and produce exceptional results.” – Geoff Love, CEO, Esendex

In a country where 90% of consumers opt for text message communications over telephone calls (OfCom), the launch of the pioneering product will benefit Esendex’s new and existing clients of all sizes, across varied sectors. It is hoped the tool will be particularly applicable where businesses have localised franchises.
Love added: “We’re extremely excited about the results this could produce for our customers, and our product team are already working on a solution to translate, in real-time, inbound text message responses.”

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