Esendex announces free SMS campaign design service

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Thousands of businesses rely on Esendex to build and maintain successful relationships with their customers.  So we are pleased to now be able to share our expertise with you – free of charge.  Our consultants now offer a campaign design service to help you get started with business SMS – or to make your existing campaigns work harder.
Here are a few examples of how SMS can help your business ;
Confirmations – use SMS software to confirm appointment times and deliveries, reducing no show rates and therefore costs.
Reminders – encourage repeat purchase by sending timely reminders – such as insurance renewals, car servicing, even haircuts !
Promotions – send discount and voucher codes via SMS to boost demand for your products and services.  SMS messages are easy to forward, therefore they can go viral!
It’s really easy to create SMS campaigns and these can prove fundamental to delivering the best possible service for your customers.  SMS text messaging allows you to get this information to them, instantly, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.
If you want some campaign ideas please get in touch and we’ll even set you up with some free messages !  Call 0845 356 5758.

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