Emergency Phone: Have you got a 'spare one' ?

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The SpareOne is exactly that – a spare mobile phone that will run on a single AA battery. The phone can be pre-programmed for instant access to a number of key contacts, including the relevant emergency services in any location.

It’s a fantastic concept and is perfect as an emergency phone. Many modern mobiles will lose their power over time – even if they’re switched off.  The makers of SpareOne say it’s ideal for everyday mishaps, power failures, international travel and for outdoors (sometimes you might just want to leave your expensive smartphone at home).
If the SpareOne is left switched off it can maintain power for 15 years, when in use, the phone has a talk time of 10 hours! – This was all made possible by a single AA battery.
The design is great. The body is slim and simple and there’s a battery-shaped bulge right in the middle of the screen – a neat way to show that it takes a single AA battery.
The SpareOne is already available for your emergency kits. Each phone comes equipped with a microSIM (which even includes a battery!) and costs around £30. That’s pretty cheap for peace of mind, isn’t it?

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