Don't keep your stakeholders in the dark!

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Solar eclipse - don't keep your stakeholders in the dark
A solar eclipse happens when the moon orbits between the earth and sun, either fully or partially blocking the sun resulting in darkness. With this set to hit on Friday morning, we thought we would give you a few ways you can use text messages to make sure your customers and staff are never left in the dark.
No matter what industry you’re in, SMS is the perfect channel – not only is it instant and effective but it’s the UK’s most popular form of communication (Ofcom). With this in mind, here’s just a few ways your business can use text messaging to shed some light for your stakeholders:
– Make online shopping that little bit easier! Update your customers about their orders via SMS. Send dispatch alerts, expected delivery times and potential delays so that your customers are ‘in the know’.
– Let your development staff know immediately that your website server is down to minimise any potential disruption to your customers, sales and service level agreements.
– If there has been a change in staff shifts or a shift needs covering there is no need to make dozens if not hundreds of phone calls, just send a text message to your staff and start getting responses instantly.
– When appointments have been made weeks or even months in advance they are so easily forgotten. Send an appointment reminder via text to make sure they turn up or have the chance to reschedule.
For more insight and inspiration why not check out our industry specific white papers. We also hope you enjoy watching the solar eclipse on Friday!

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