Denmark to swap stamps for text messages

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Yet another innovative use for SMS comes from Denmark, where text messaging is set to replace the humble postage stamp.
The BBC website reports that the Danish Post Office is launching the Mobile Postage Service.  Instead of buying a stamp and sticking it on a letter, the Danes will send a text to the Post Office and receive back a code, which they will write on the envelope, in the place where the stamp would usually go.
Sweden is also said to be considering a trial.
Whilst this is certainly an innovative solution, the hi-tech soon becomes low-tech, once the letter is posted.
At Esendex we’re always advising businesses that they can reduce operating costs by replacing letters with texts. Text messages are cheaper, faster and more widely read than letters. So our advice to people of Denmark is; don’t just swap the stamp with a text, swap the whole letter !

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