Business SMS to overtake person to person SMS

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According to the latest research, sending SMS from Application-to-Person (A2P) will exceed $70 billion by 2016, overtaking person-to-person messaging.
The mobile trend has been predicted by Juniper Research, report author Daniel Ashdown notes;
“While SMS is one of the oldest value-added services, it has an enduring appeal for a number of reasons. In terms of text communication it is unrivalled on the mobile device in its ubiquity – virtually every handset in the world can send and receive it. This makes it extremely appealing for brands who want to enable communication with their customers, as unlike other messaging mediums, they know it will reach almost its entire intended audience.”
A2P SMS can be used for variety of purposes including; generating sales, improving customer service, increasing staff effectiveness, communicating in a crisis and reducing operating costs.
Esendex has always been a key player within the A2P market. In fact our SMS API, which has been integrated with a variety of business systems and critical applications is one of the most trusted and widely used.
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