Bulk SMS Messaging volumes – When is Bulk SMS actually Bulk SMS?

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Bulk SMS messaging enquiries from companies large and small are a regular thing here at Esendex. After checking they don’t want to send spam (!) and confirming which service they want to use to send SMS – Web, Email etc, the question then comes round to SMS volume. 
How many SMS messages do you expect to send?”, “About 5000” is the reply. “ 5000 a day?” “No per month” is the answer. Ah, so it isn’t Bulk SMS after all…..
This is a regular scenario, and understandably so. After all, customers want to send SMS as cheaply as possible, and Bulk SMS users get the lowest prices as they benefit from economies of scale. But at what monthly SMS volume does Bulk SMS start?
Well our Bulk SMS pricing starts at the 50,000 SMS mark (whether that’s as a one off, or regularly) which is in line with the industry. It’s interesting that the customer perception of what volumes constitute Bulk SMS can be so different from what the industry is saying. This could be down to a customer feeling that sending 200 SMS messages in one go is a lot for them – when actually there are other companies out there sending thousands every day.
Bulk SMS messaging users do have different needs from their SMS provider compared to lower volume users. Bulk SMS customers need to ensure their SMS provider’s gateway is up to it, and can deliver high volumes quickly in one go. Multiple direct network connections will ensure SMS messages are delivered fast, and if there is a problem with one network, the SMS provider can switch over to an alternative network easily without any loss of service.
If a Web interface is chosen to send Bulk SMS, the application needs to be intuitive enough to handle a bulk upload of addresses and potentially multiple messages easily, without fuss. Here at Esendex, I’m happy to say, we meet these requirements!
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