Boosting placements in the recruitment sector with SMS Landing Pages

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Whether you’re trying to reach multiple candidates or update them on their job application, there simply isn’t enough time in a day to contact everyone via telephone and for some jobseekers, it isn’t a discreet enough method of contact. SMS can bring a huge range of benefits to any recruitment agency and offer candidates a way to get in touch in their own time.
A good candidate experience is driven by good communication. According to a study from Monster:

  • 86% of candidates report that not receiving an application confirmation email leads to a bad impression
  • 22% of candidates who received an email said the communication was weak and inconsistent
  • 73% reported never having received communication at all

We’ve already demonstrated how SMS can offer recruiters a better method of engaging with candidates in this infographic, but what if you can give this an extra boost?

Combine SMS with a personalised Landing Page

Imagine on the benefits of using text: its 95% open rate, its nonintrusive nature, easy two-way discreet messaging, personalisation and it’s the effectiveness of reducing missed appointments and interviews coupled with a dynamic landing page that’s fully branded to your agency with call-to-action buttons that drive the candidate to engage with your messaging.
According to Harvard Business Review, personalisation in marketing can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50 per cent, lift revenues by 5-15 per cent, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30 per cent.
It’s clear to see how personalisation and targetted messaging can be of benefit to recruiters and multiple touchpoints; from sending job alerts and descriptions to interview reminders and follow up messages. 
Law staff recruitment example sms landing page

How recruitment agencies can use SMS Landing Pages

SMS Landing Pages are a great addition to a recruiters toolbox and will provide your customers with an improved experience. Including ‘add to calendar’ buttons for improved attendance rates for interviews or shift work, more content to provide detailed job descriptions and offerings at the same cost as a text message, map integrations to ensure job candidates know where they’re heading. Signing up for Esendex’s business package enables you to send richer messages and follow up surveys so you can rate performance.
Here are just a few ways recruiters can use personalised landing pages:

  • Interview reminders with the option to reschedule or add to calendar
    Deliver visually rich appointment reminders with all the details needed while including buttons giving the candidate the options to add to their native calendar app on their device or reschedule by including a link back to your platform.
  • Directions button with map integration
    Help job seekers find their way to your office or their interview location easily by including a button which opens up their native map application on their device.
  • Detailed job alerts
    The character limit on text messages can sometimes make it difficult to get all the necessary details you want to send without consisting of multiple message parts. A personalised landing page can help get your message across better and by including buttons to quick apply or see more details, candidates receive a discreet way to apply on the go.

How to get started

We’ve worked with lots of different recruitment agencies, from providing solutions and messaging directly or via software providers, in an effort to have better, more engaging conversations with job seekers.
Try SMS Landing Pages out for free to see how quickly you could add this powerful channel to your communication plans – or email our team at [email protected] if you’d like to organise a demo.

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