Boost your customer’s e-commerce experience

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Boost your customer's ecommerce experience with SMS notifications from Magento
It is estimated that 79% of UK consumers choose to purchase online in a single month, spending approximately £55 on average with each purchase. With the high returns that e-commerce brings it’s important to always look for new and innovative ways to boost the customer’s experience in every way possible when interacting online.
Positively impacting the customer experience can now be achieved at all points of the transaction process with the simple addition of our Magento SMS notifications+ extension.
A solution that targets each sale individually rather than something for groups of people is always guaranteed to make the customer feel valued. Particularly as personalisation is always a great way to show how much you value your customers.
Online shoppers want the convenience of high street shopping experiences in the comfort of their own home which is why keeping them updated is a crucial part of the process.
Keep customers updated
Our Magento plugin provides customers with automated and personalised confirmation messages for orders and shipping updates. This empowers customers throughout the buying process and reduces the customer support burden. Let your customers know they can have confidence in the business or product that they’ve invested in.
SMS updates can be sent from the moment an order is placed right through to updates about fulfilment and finally delivery and tracking information.  Choose from up to 12 various order events to send out automated messages freeing up your staff to answer more complex queries.  Each event has a default template for various languages which is fully customisable.
There’s no development required with our free SMS plugin for Magento, just a simple download that supports multiple languages and is able to send messages worldwide through your Esendex account. Create a trial account and start sending SMS today.
For more information on using and implementing Magento SMS notifications+ to boost your customers e-commerce experience, then please call our team on 0345 356 5758.

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