Bold for change: What does International Women’s Day mean to Esendex?

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International Women's Day @ Esendex nottingham

Having marked the plight and achievements of women for more than a century, International Women’s Day celebrates women and unity; for reflection, gender parity and action. This year women globally are being asked to “Be Bold for Change!”

A lot can happen in a year

In the past 12 months, the world has seen plenty of changes in the gender parity debate internationally, nationally and locally to Esendex.
Nothing could have epitomised this year’s theme of “being bold” more so than millions of women and men rallying in solidarity in support of women’s rights in January – it became one of the biggest human rights demonstrations in history.
The UK also gained its first female prime minister in almost 30 years, while more locally Esendex stepped up our aim to have greater diversity across all departments.
We’re proud sponsors of the Meetup group Women in Tech Notts, and the University of Nottingham’s Women in Technology conference day. We now have greater female representation across almost every department, including engineering and product development, than we’ve ever had before.
International Women's Day logo - Esendex are Bold for change

Things can only get better

More than half a billion women have joined the working world in the past 30 years (USAID), but as the internet and tech industries grow, women occupy just 17% of jobs available.
As a business we believe teams of different genders and backgrounds offer varied perspectives and experiences, which are key to always innovating and overcoming obstacles.

We rounded up some of the great women who keep the cogs turning at Esendex HQ, and asked them what IWD means to them and to whom they look for inspiration:

Natalie Wilding“Working in a traditionally very male dominated industry can be a difficult stream to navigate, and it takes an incredible amount of strength and perseverance to overcome the prejudice and skepticism that underlies every decision a woman makes.
I take strength from my fellow capable and powerful women who never lessen their drive or ambition and work to affect change that benefits women and pushes us forward to equality.”

Natalie Wilding – Business Analyst
Inspirational woman: Lindy West

Nadya Ahmed“Supporting the women I come into contact with both in and out of work has always been personally motivating to me. Days like today remind us that our eyes shouldn’t glaze over the topic of gender parity. While it may be a story that feels old for some people, the more we continue to talk and take action, the scale of the challenge will be felt less.

I’m encouraged to do this every day at Esendex which is what makes my job so motivating.”

Nadya Ahmed – Customer Acquisition Manager
Inspirational woman: Sheryl Sandberg

Cat Mayfield“Having worked in tech support since 2001, running a data centre and never feeling marginalised, I feel incredibly lucky. But just because the world is good to us, doesn’t mean that there aren’t others that need our support, either in this country or in other countries.
At Esendex we always want the right person for the job, so we can build confidence and mentor-ship skills irrespective of gender.”

Cat Mayfield – Customer Support Manager
Inspirational woman: Mum

Sarah Waters“While I think in many ways we have come a long way in striving toward gender parity, International Women’s Day serves as a reminder that we mustn’t get complacent. Although I feel I am treated equal in both personal and professional life, I know not all women are as fortunate.”

Sarah Waters – Business Analyst
Inspirational woman: Rosalind Franklin

Susanne VK“Women play such a significant role in this world, it’s sad we are still fighting for equal rights which is why days like today are so important; recognising the issue and getting others, across all genders, to play their part in solving it.”

Susanne Von Kempter – DACH Marketing Executive
Inspirational woman: Sheryl Sandberg

Laura Souza“Today reminds me of how far we’ve come but how far we still have to go. I feel lucky to have been born into a family and a country that allowed me to develop and grow without restricting me based on the fact I was a girl.
“As a daughter, mother, full-time worker and main household earner I celebrate my multi-tasking and ability to work in the world of tech!”

Laura Souza – Customer Retention Manager
Inspirational woman: Mum

Jordana Makin“Days like today remind me of how I’ve gone full circle. I grew up interested in video games and the internet, and was playing around with html and css by the age of 11, which was unusual for a girl. Now I work in tech, and feel incredibly lucky to do what I enjoy – equally.”

Jordana Makin – UKI Marketing Executive
Inspirational female: Leslie Knope

Liz Wilson“When you hear about the ‘bro culture’ in Silicon Valley, and read that only 18% of computer science undergraduates are women, it can be disheartening. But at Esendex, there are real efforts to change the status quo.
“I don’t believe in positive discrimination but I do believe everybody should be judged by ability, not by gender. We have to weed out the pejorative nature of “like a girl” comments.”

Liz Wilson – Head of Marketing
Inspirational woman: Jane Austen

Debby Walsh“Days like today encourage us to look back on the last century, to how far we’ve come, what we’ve achieved, both men and women together and that not only do women rock, but we can do anything we put our minds to.
“Working in such an inclusive environment makes me feel lucky. I learn something new most days and feel support and nurturing when it comes to my tech skills from all genders.”

Debby Walsh – Customer Support Team Lead
Inspirational woman: Pink!

Amy Lomax“I celebrate all females on days like today. Having not been at the company long I feel the women at Esendex are great. Friendly, kind, welcoming and all work collaboratively and hard to make a difference.”

Amy Lomax – Financial Services Account Manager
Inspirational women: All women at Esendex

Crystal Lam“I hope one day that this day will no longer have to exist, that we won’t have to remind the world or raise attention to the inequality we often face.”

Crystal Lam – AU Marketing Executive
Inspirational woman: Virginia Woolf

Esendex are Bold for Change.

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