Average Briton will text two million words in their lifetime

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New research by Net Voucher Codes into the usage of the mobile phone has revealed that each individual in the UK will write almost two million words in text messages over their lifetime.
The survey asked a group of people in their twenties for the average number of words from their last 10 text messages as well as the average number of texts they had sent per day over the last month.
The average person sent four text messages a day, each about 20 words long, adding up to around 30,000 words a year.
Researchers predict this would total 1,993,200 if someone was to send text messages from their teenage years to the age of 80.
A spokesperson for Net Voucher Codes, said: “The current 20-30 age bracket are the first generation to have grown up with mobile phones and most likely will be using them well into their old age.”
Every day at Esendex we see companies do great things with business SMS to generate sales, improve call centre productivity, increase staff effectiveness and provide critical comms. This research highlights just how attached people are to their mobiles and how familiar they are with SMS.
So, what will you text today?

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