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Over the past few weeks, a number of the UK’s best-known retailers have been reporting on their Christmas trading performances. There’s no argument that the majority of these businesses had meticulously thought out campaigns and that these campaigns took time to plan.
Anticipating the increased levels of contact or traffic from your customers will prepare your business for success during busy retail dates. There’s nothing worse than being ill-prepared.

Planning ahead is key…

If it takes too long for a customer to complete a purchase or achieve a goal, they are likely to go elsewhere. 75% of customers already feel that it takes too long to reach a live agent (Harris Interactive)  – and that’s without the added pressure of a major campaign launch.
Service and support staff should always be made aware in advance of potential campaigns or increases in demands for their service. 78% of consumers will stop a transaction if poor customer service has become a part of the customer journey (American Express Survey).
A well-briefed customer service team will feel more competent to perform the aspects of their role, and in turn happier. Happier staff mean happier customers.

There is no online vs offline

The UK is leading the click & collect process across the world. An Ofcom survey showed that 49% of Brits use click & collect, against a global average of 36 per cent.
This can also work to the benefit of the high street, as a significant proportion of customers who go into stores for their click & collect orders then go on to spend money in the shop while they’re there.

A voice louder than your competition

Only 61% of marketers believe their strategy to be effective when marketing to prospects (Hubspot). If you’re among the number who consider it to be less effective, then revisit and assess whether you are targeting the right people, at the right time and with the right channels.
To put this into perspective, 69% of consumers receive emails from retailers every single day (Experian) – if you’re sending one too, how will your message be heard among the crowd of competition?
…That’s when our retail calendar comes in. With careful consideration, your business could have a foolproof communication strategy to tackle the most demanding days in your diary. Here’s a head start with key dates to put in your diary- giving you the time to brief your staff and begin planning for the next big date.

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