Adapting to the new normal in the financial sector

Topic: Finance & DCAs

Esendex have recently collaborated with Just, the UK’s first integrator for litigation and enforcement, to explore the ways that businesses who adapt to the “new normal” created by the pandemic can find new opportunities in the area of debt collection. Esendex brings valuable insight from its +33,000 UK customers, which, combined with Just’s data and insights in the UK enforcement space, provides a solid basis from which to determine what this looks like.

To help illustrate the main takeaways from this partnership, we’ve produced a short eBook to help audiences understand the true impact Covid-19 has had on the UK economy, and how resilient businesses operating in the lending sector can evolve to become stronger as a result.

The eBook also explores digital transformation and how this works alongside regulatory changes, and above all else, how businesses are looking to promote and adopt diversity, wellbeing and inclusion.
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