Aberlour Child Care Trust reach out with SMS

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Aberlour Child Care Trust is a Scottish children’s charity, providing help to thousands of vulnerable children. Aberlour provides the only refuge in Scotland to offer a safe haven for young runaways. They identified that using our Web SMS service would be crucial for enabling young people to request urgent help.
The problem? They operated a telephone helpline but many young people were providing feedback that they would prefer a text service.  It can be difficult for children to make contact in a telephone box or to find a time when people are not around.
The nature of text messages make them easy, discreet and they can be sent from anywhere – fundamental for helping runaways when they are in dangerous or risky situations.
A spokesperson comments;
“We wanted a reliable and secure solution that children could easily use when in need of help. For most children, SMS is the most popular feature used on a mobile phone, sending texts is a lot cheaper than internet data usage and making calls.”
“Esendex were very helpful and they offered a flexible service that was priced according to the level of demand – it was easy to set up too.”

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