5 years of Gold Partner status with Vodafone

Esendex Vodafone Gold Partner

L-R: Paul Gardner, Esendex; Sarah Edwards, Vodafone; Duncan Rose, Esendex

Esendex has been awarded Vodafone Gold Partner status for the 5th year running!

This recognises the high standard of customer service Esendex provides for our customers, both in terms of sales and technical support, and further strengthens our partnership with Vodafone.

Our direct connection with the Vodafone network means our customers’ messages are delivered reliably and quickly, essential attributes for Esendex’s discerning user base.

We’ve forged a close relationship with Vodafone over the past five years, sharing their commitment to innovation and integrity. Thanks to Sarah Edwards for delivering the award – here’s to the next five years!

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Liz Wilson

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