5 ways SMS can improve efficiency in healthcare

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We’ll be at EHI Live tommorow – a two day exhibition concerned with all things technology in healthcare! So, here’s 5 effective uses of SMS in healthcare:
Appointment reminders
Missed appointments costs millions to the NHS each year – with more than twelve millions GP appointments missed each year costing over £162 million! Sending an SMS to your patients reminding them of their appointment is not only low cost, but extremely effective. With interactive SMS, your patients can also reply to either confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment – time well spent!
Motivational messages
Send messages promoting healthy lifestyles direct to your patients phone – stop smoking, healthy eating, road safety etc. Sending motivational messages to a smokers’ phone doubles their likelihood of quitting (The Guardian). Also, promoting healthy choices prevents future health problems.
Medication reminders
Make sure prescribed medication works! Send a reminder straight to your patients phone to make sure they take their medication at the right time, every time.
Shift planning
Gone are the days of ringing all your staff in a desperate attempt to find cover at short notice – just send an SMS! It’s quick, simple and what’s more, it’s instant so your shift can be covered in minutes and your patients can get the care they deserve.
Outpatient follow-ups
Whether you need to follow-up with a patient to check how they’re getting on or deliver important information, SMS is the perfect channel to do so.
For more inspiration of how to use SMS in healthcare, read our best practice healthcare white paper. We’ll also be at stand C01 at EHI Live, so if you’re going to be there pop over and say hi – we can answer all your questions!

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