4 secrets to SMS survey and interactive text success!

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SMS surveys and interactive texts are really powerful for engaging with your customers or staff – satisfaction surveys, amending delivery details, sales promotions and more!
Here are 4 top tips to make sure they are a success:
Interactive text example1. Short and snappy
Keep your questions as short and simple as possible. Not only is it so much easier for respondents to reply but you’re more likely to get the responses you need – win, win!
Make sure the interaction doesn’t feel endless to respondents – no one wants to be stuck answering questions left, right and centre. Try to ask no more than 5 questions and remember you can get in touch again at a later date.
2. Keep it personal
Make your staff and customers feel special and address them directly. The more you can personalise your messages the better.
3. Timing is everything
The secret to getting a high response rate is catching your customers, staff and whoever else at the right time! No one wants to be bothered when they’re rushing to work, fast asleep or trying to get their kids to bed – the list goes on but you get the idea!  For example, if you’re sending an SMS survey following a phone call, send it immediately whilst the experience is still fresh in their minds.
4. Testing can go a long way
Perhaps the most important thing is to test! Before you click send make sure you’re 100% happy. No one wants to be bothered by messages that don’t work or make no sense.
So there you have it – put our top tips to work and start sending effective SMS surveys and interactive texts today.

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