3 ways click-to-message ads will change communication

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After the changes “Mobilegeddon” yielded for the web in 2015, Google has now taken its “mobile-first” strategy one step further with the roll out of a new tool that will help consumers and businesses connect more simply using a combination of SMS and online advertising.
But how does this change the landscape of communication?
1. Mobile is a priority
This move, to incorporate click-to-SMS ads, hints at a requirement for businesses to cater to their intended audience’s needs through the channel or channels that they use most.
Nearly two thirds of smartphone owners use messaging more than five times a day and 65% of consumers have said they would consider using messaging to connect with a business for everything from gathering more information through to scheduling or booking an appointment (Google Consumer Surveys).
Marketers shouldn’t just be considering mobile-first strategies but prioritising them.
2. Companies will always adopt the easiest tool for communication
Google understands that companies will always adopt the best medium to make B2C connectivity as simple as possible.
While Facebook is building up Messenger as a means of offering better customer service to those who use it most, basic SMS is still at its most popular with 97% using SMS at least once a day (Pew Internet).
Text messaging is the “app” consumers use most frequently and combining it with other messaging solutions could ensure that your message gets heard, or read.
3. Customers like to track their engagements
Customers are happy when they know their enquiry is seen by the recipient and even happier when they see that the recipient is typing a reply – borne out by developments by Google, Facebook and WhatsApp.
Amit Agarwal, Senior Product Manager of Mobile Search Ads said: “Mobile users have more flexibility than ever to choose how they want to connect with businesses. Through messaging, you can initiate valuable conversations with them by tapping into one of their most preferred modes of communication.”
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