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Echo for Email offers seamless integration with your existing email app and allows you to send and receive SMS directly from your email account. It's ideal for those who use email as their primary communications channel.

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Connect with any email service. It just works.

Whether you are using Exchange, Outlook or online services such as Gmail, Echo for Email delivers the exact same functionality. It even works with server alerting software or any software that can output an email message, and is just as easy to set up.


Easy to set up. No developer required.

All you need to do is get an Echo for Email account and then our intuitive platform guides you through the rest, making it really easy to manage users, control settings and to send your first message. By simply adding email addresses in your account settings, your whole team can have access to send email to SMS in a matter of minutes!


Easy to use. No training required.

Once set up, you can send an email to and we’ll deliver the message as an SMS immediately - it’s as simple as that! You can send SMS texts up to 612 characters long.


Send to multiple contacts.

You can easily send messages to multiple contacts by separating each person with a comma, exactly as you would if you were sending an email.


Receive messages direct to your email Inbox.

The replies are sent directly back to your email Inbox – there’s no separate Inbox to check. This way you can have a conversation directly through email. If you’d like to forward your messages to multiple email addresses, you can do this too!


Signature stripping.

You can easily remove signatures and disclaimers from your email if you choose not to include this in your email to text message. In Echo for Email you can set up signature stripping so that signature content is ignored when it’s sent as a text message.


Pricing. As little as 3p per message.

We tailor our prices to fit the way your business works. Simply tell us how
many messages you plan to send and we’ll find the perfect price for you.

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