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Lights, camera, action! We’ve been featured on CNN

Posted By Hannah | 22nd February 2013

Last night CNN aired a great piece on how we’re helping businesses to become more efficient. Just a few days ago the film crew were capturing the action in our office, they also went to Spain and visited one of our Spanish customers, the Centro de Hemoterapia y Hemodonación de Castilla y León.

The blood donor bank based in the region of Castilla y León has a blood bus that travels to small cobbled towns and big cities, enticing passers-by to donate blood.  Using our SMS platform, CHEMCYL sends texts to donors on their list, alerting them as to when the blood bus will be visiting, detailing where they can donate. This means that there’s no hanging around and waiting for people, saving both time and money.

CNN have concluded with…

“So the message is clear: In tough economic times, try to do less with more. It seems you only need a few dozen words.

Take a look at the feature – it would be great to hear what you think!