Email MMS

Email MMS allows your staff or customers to send you picture messages, text and sound from their mobile phone straight to your email inbox. It’s compatible with almost any email software.

Email MMS

Mobile MMS is simple to use

Email MMS is widely used by organisations that need to capture detailed information from mobile users, which is best displayed in pictures, sound or video.

Esendex can provide you with a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) for end users to send their MMS to. Our software then automatically directs the message to your email inbox

Email MMS is perfect for...

  • Sending pictures and sound to an email account quickly and easily
  • Field workers to update colleagues on progress or for the reporting of incidents and faults
  • Competitions - asking entrants to send in voice recordings or pictures
  • Sending pictures, sound and video to websites, forums and blogs for quick upload.

It’s also good to know...

  • Email MMS is much quicker than providing updates by a telephone call or email
  • There is an audit trail for monitoring
  • Minimal training is required
  • There is easy integration with ‘email capable’ business software and almost any email software.

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